Features overview

Centralize your assets

Collaboratively organize your localizations, images, fonts, app icons, and other app assets online. You can upload your existing assets from any commonly used format. Centralizing your app assets will help to keep multiplatform apps in sync while providing a bunch of additional benefits.

Share assets across platforms with auto conversion

No matter what format you used or uploaded, Respresso will convert it to the right one. Every time you change your assets it will automatically generate every platform-specific file your app will need. No other third party software is needed.

Sync automatically during build time

Add a simple sync step to your build process to get the current assets in any platform-specific format. You will never need to download, copy&paste and update assets manually, our build tools will do this for you.

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Simply change online & get updated everywhere

You can change any asset in our easy to use web UI. This will let designers, developers, managers, contractors, and stakeholders to change what they need to. No special knowledge required while your app sources will be updated automatically.

Further options

Live preview localizations

Real-time preview different translations and languages during development. This will help translators to see how their text will fit in the app. You can find out how longer/shorter texts will affect the design or the layout structure.

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Sync with complete designs

We know that exporting assets from designs is a really boring task. With our Adobe XD and Figma plugin, you can import or update your assets in seconds. We have a smart merging process to make it smooth and seamless.

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Customize the conversion process

Respresso uses a fully customizable conversion process which enables you to customize how it converts your assets. You can add your custom converter to support special formats or simply reconfigure the default settings to fit your app’s requirements.

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