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Save hours with efficient collaboration

Supported platforms and frameworks



Web frontend


Manage your resources in multiplatform environments.

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Easy integration of custom fonts

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Modify localization texts or add a new language to your project, without developers

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Change or resize an image anytime and keep in sync on all platforms

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App icons

No more generating thousands of icon sizes, just use one SVG for all platforms.

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No more incorrect guideline colors. Your designers will have the ability to set the perfect colors to be used on all platforms

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Easy access to all your common config files

Live localization

Translate in context

Real-time preview how the translations will look like in your mobile app or web. No need to wait for the next deployment.
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Resource categories

Customize Respresso

Extend Respresso’s functionality or connect your work tools like Slack, Teams, Jenkins etc.

Version control

Version control

All resources are under version control. You can easily lock your asset’s version and reuse it later.

Be agile and spare development time

collabortion on multiplatfrm
Collaborate on assets with your team members or customer from anywhere in a transparent way to boost your productivity.
It automatically transforms and delivers to your project without assistance. Your assets will be ready for use almost immediately.
It takes care of your digital assets (images, texts, colors, fonts, etc.) across multiple platforms and projects.
Help your team focus during the development stage. Developers code, designers deliver graphics, the marketing team, translators manage your localization and this is just the beginning of stress-free development.

Start using in 3 simple steps

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Upload your origin resources
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Sync converted resources across multiple platforms

Respresso is simple but powerful

Respresso can easily be integrated into your build process and also works well with your Continuous Integration tools.

  • Respresso manages your resources
  • Convert your resources automatically to platform-specific formats such as VectorDrawable for Android, PDF for iOS etc.
  • Synchronize with your project in build-time regardless of which platform you use

What else is it good for?

  • Versioned resources and repeatable build support for CI & CD
  • A better team experience via team and project creation. It provides you with a way to track every change in each project and send feedback. For example you will be notified when someone changes the key of a localization you use
  • Well-separated roles
    • spell correction and translation without developer intervention
    • fix any graphics files and change icons without coding skills
    • rebrand the application by changing colors and app icons
  • Enforce naming conventions to enhance code quality

Try our image converter

Simply upload your chosen SVG file and download the generated resources as VectorDrawable for Android and PDF for iOS.

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