Team roles

Respresso has the following team roles ordered by priority:

  1. Owner
  2. Admin
  3. Member
  4. Outsider

There are no restriction over these roles, except that each team must have an owner. This is why an owner must transfer the ownership to another user before he can leave the team. (Except if he is the last user in the team, then the team will also be removed.)

Manage subscriptions (change plans, payments, invoices, etc.)YesNoNoNo
Manage team settings (name, domains, etc.)YesYesNoNo
Manage team invites, members and their roles1YesYes2NoNo
Create projectsYesYesNoNo
List all users and projects in teamYesYesYesNo

  1. Only those who have the same or lower role. E.g.: A team admin can remove a member or any other admin but not an owner.
  2. Any project admin can invite anybody to join the project regardless of his team role. This implies a team invite with the outsider role.