Project roles

Respresso has the following project roles ordered by priority:

  1. Admin
  2. Editor
  3. Member
  4. Viewer

There are no restriction over these roles, except that each project must have an admin.
This is why an admin must transfer his role to another user before he can leave the project.
(Except if he is the last user in the project, then the project will also be removed.)

Project management actions by project roles

Manage project settings (name, token, etc.)YesNoNoNo
Manage project invites, join requests, members and their rolesYesNoNoNo
Create token for integrations (Figma, Adobe XD and Zeplin)YesYesNoNo
List all users in projectYesYesYesYes

Resource management actions by project roles

Change Flow configurationsYesNoNoNo
Manage versions (new, copy, finalize, patch, merge)YesYesNoNo
Create or delete resources (including import and upload)YesYesNoNo
Edit sensitive resource details (e.g.: key, image dimensions)YesYesNoNo
Edit resource content (e.g.: localization value, image)YesYesYesNo
View all resources and download generated filesYesYesYesYes

All the users with project member role can edit all the resources you manage in Respresso. Although, they are restricted to be able to change only resource contents. When you use the default Flow configurations, members should not be able to break anything in the application.1

Our recommendations

As a rule of thumb, you should keep users’ access roles as low as possible. This can prevent errors and unauthorized or unintended modifications.

There is a list of our recommendations for the most common project members:

  • Developers: Editor In case of Flow customizations: Admin
  • Designers: Editor (Designer tool integrations require resource additions)
  • Testers: Viewer In case you want to allow them to fix typos: Member
  • Translators: Member
  • Clients: Viewer In case you want to transfer some responsibility: Member
  • Managers and POs: Member

Someone must have the Admin role. You can assign the team lead or the project manager for this as they should manage the project members and their roles.

  1. If you rely on additional syntax/semantic within your resources' content than a project member can also cause problems.