Zeplin extension

Respresso's Zeplin extension lets you import localizations, images and colors from your Zeplin projects directly to Respresso. Then, you can edit them in Respresso and at the end you will get automatically generated platform-specific formats for Android, iOS and Web.

How to install the plugin?

  1. Go to the Respresso extension's Zeplin page
  2. Sign in to Zeplin if you are not signed in already.
  3. Press the Add to Zeplin button and select your project.

How to import Zeplin assets/resources to Respresso

  1. Go to your project dashboard and open a screen.
  2. The Respresso extension will print out a token. Copy it.
  3. Open your project in Respresso and go to the project settings page.
  4. Open the integration options section, paste the token and press Connect.
  5. Select which resources you want to import and select the target language and versions. Press the Preview button.
  6. If the changes look good, then press the Import button.

As described in the common integration options page, Respresso can import and also update already exiting resources.