Welcome to Respresso documentation!

Respresso docs will guide through all the features you may want to use, including the different formats, converter options, configurations and even the auto sync CLI.

Looking for a quick overview?

If you are looking for a quick overview of Respresso, we highly suggest you to read the service summary:

Get started with Respresso

  1. Sign up and create your project in Respresso
  2. Import your resources. Either from existing platform-specific files or directly from designer tools, like Adobe XD, Figma or Zeplin.
  3. Setup auto-sync using Respresso CLI in your project. Takes less than 3 minutes / platform.
  4. Invite your team members , clients and partners to collaborate.
  5. Profit from efficient collaboration and Respresso's automation.

What is Respresso?

Respresso is a tool made for software product teams to streamline their resource (localization, image, color etc.) management. Using Respresso, your team will be able to edit all these resources almost without any interaction with the developers. This will save you precious time otherwise wasted on negotiating in emails or meetings and manual conversion between file formats.


With Respresso, you will be able to collaboratively edit project resources - like localizations, images, colors etc. - in the web app. Respresso provides direct access to those responsible for the contents. There will be no need to waste time on asking the developers to fix a typo, replace an image or change a color in your app.


Respresso automatically generates platform-specific formats of your resources and syncs them to your project source code. This automation saves a lot of precious time that can be turned into profits instead.

Respresso generates files that will become part of your source code, just like your developer team would do it. The automatic file update can be easily integrated to the build process, even on a CI (continuous integration) server.

Consistent across platforms

Respresso acts as the source of truth when it comes to your app resources. This allows it to generate platform-specific formats that are consistent with each others. Your iOS, Android and Web app will be guaranteed to contain the same localizations, images, colors, etc. without any hassle.

No ties with Respresso - except it's convenience

Respresso is a productivity tool that is designed to be used during product development. Your released software product won't depend on Respresso in any means. All the resource files are added at build time, no runtime dependency is required and no requests are made to Respresso once your software is built.

This build-time approach is one of the unique properties of Respresso that makes it stand out from other (localization) tools. Thanks to this, all the generated files are added to your project source code. Thus, you can just stop using Respresso, without the need to change anything in your software's business logic. All the previously generated files will remain part of your project, so you can leave Respresso without hustle.


Respresso is built by developers for other developers and their teams. This is the reason Respresso provides in-depth customization of resource conversion, webhooks and even a highly customizable sync CLI.