Import existing localizations to Respresso

Respresso lets you import platform-specific formats from Android, iOS, and Web as well as spreadsheets.

Alternatively, you can import localizations directly from your designs with Respresso's Figma, Adobe XD and Zeplin integration.

How to import existing localizations to your Respresso project?

Currently, Respresso supports localization imports for a single language at a time. Due to this, you will have to import each of the languages one-by-one.

To import a localization file to a language, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the localization category.
  2. Select your target language from the language selector. Or add it if it is not present.
  3. Click on the Import button and select the language file you want to import.
  4. Optionally, change import settings. These options differ by format, see details bellow.
  5. Click the Import button in the dialog.
Import existing localizations to Respresso from platform-specific formats
How to import an existing localization file to Respresso

Import settings

Respresso gives you a few options to customize the import process.

Common settings

There are a few generic settings that defines how the imported localizations should be treated while merging them with existing localizations.

Merge strategy

The mergeStrategy setting defines what to do when you import a localization with a key that already exists1 in Respresso.

There are two strategies you can choose from:

  • override_existing_values (default): Discard previous translation value and save the imported one. This affects only the selected language, the others will remain intact.
  • keep_existing_values: Discard the imported value and keep the current value in Respresso. (Empty translations are treated as non-existing ones.)

Please note the all the non-existing keys are going to be imported regardless of the selected merge strategy.

Skip copies of default language

The skipCopies setting defines what to do when you import an existing1 localization to a non-default language that is matching the default language.

When set to True / Enabled (default) the imported value will be discarded, otherwise it will be saved to Respresso.

Import variables

The importVariables setting defines whether to parse and import variables in the translation or keep the untouched in the imported translation.

When set to True / Enabled (default), Respresso will parse all the supported variables for that format and merge them with the existing variables for that key.

Format specific variable formats are the following:

  1. Respresso transforms the imported and the existing keys with the key transformation also configured with the import and matches them up. Please note that currently this setting is not available through the UI so only exact matches will be matched up.