Import app icons with our Figma plugin

Respresso has a powerful Figma plugin that can handle much more than app icons. (E.g. localizations, images and colors). On this page, we will only discuss how it handles app icons.

For more details - like installation instructions and other categories - please view the common docs.

How Respresso finds app icons in your design

First of all, app icons will be imported only if you kept the app icon category enabled in the plugin configuration screen. Find out more about these integration options here.

There is no explicit way that would enable respresso to differentiate app icons from regular images. For this reason, Respresso defines the following names you can use to mark an image as an app icon or part of it:

  • App icon single name marks that image as a single app icon. (Non-adaptive)
  • App icon background name marks that image as the background layer of an adaptive app icon.
  • App icon foreground name marks that image as the foreground layer of an adaptive app icon.

Please note that background and foreground images must be present if you want to import adaptive icons.

For in-depth instructions of image naming, please visit the image handling page of the Respresso Figma plugin.

How Respresso updates your app icons

As of now, Respresso supports a single app icon. This simplifies the merging process, as it always updates that single app icon.