Software development is expensive.

Why waste precious time on tasks that can be automated?

Integrating and maintaining software resources (like localization texts, images, colors, etc.) consumes a lot of time - especially for developers - because it involves manual and slow communication and conversion to deliver those to the source code, even though those are produced by other team members.

Respresso makes these collaboratively editable online for the whole team. Instead of the expensive and manual workflow, Respresso can automatically convert these resources and deliver the required files directly to the source code, thereby relieving developers and speeding up the work of other team members. It’s like replacing pigeon mail with email.

Why Respresso?

  • Work less, save with automation
  • Speed up with efficient collaboration
  • Lower risk, avoid CRs & responsibility
  • Reduce errors, improve quality
  • No commitment

Optimize Your Workflow

Think about it:

Are you still sending the umpteenth version of designs and localization excels in endless email threads forwarded multiple times? Do you know how much time it takes to integrate these contents into the source code? Moreover, in the case of a multiplatform project, it must be repeated for each platform.

Respresso optimizes and speeds up your workflow:

  • Efficient Collaboration:

    Replace never-ending email threads with Respresso’s organized, version-controlled, collaborative online editor for localization text, images, color, etc. Involve your whole team and client in editing their content, instead of constantly requesting it from devs.

  • Automation:

    Skip manual conversion and let Respresso automatically convert your resources and deliver them directly to your source code, without developer assistance. Edit once, auto-sync changes on multiple platforms. (Android, iOS, Web, and more)

  • CR Management:

    Automate change request management of software resources by allowing clients, product owners, or other team members to directly change contents, without actually filing a CR, thus avoiding its time-consuming process.

  • Transfer responsibility:

    Let your client directly define, edit or review localizations, colors, etc. to transfer the responsibility of these contents to your client.

  • Management:

    Use Respresso’s collaboration power to parallelize more tasks and reduce overall project lead time. Avoid delay penalties by delegating or outsourcing parallelized tasks, like translation.

  • Traceability:

    Track your project’s progress in Respresso. Project history may indicate the intensity of progress, whilst the translation progress is shown in percentage for each language.

  • Designer Tools:

    Accelerate resource management with bulk import from Figma, Adobe XD, and Zeplin. Our integrations can detect changes within your designs, thus they can automatically bulk update resources in Respresso.

Quality Management

Think about it:

How many times have you found flawed texts, translations, images, or colors in your app, just at, or after delivery? Do you know how much time and effort is wasted to fix these posteriorly - on each platform - instead of spotting and fixing them earlier?

Respresso gives the right tools for quality management:

  • Fewer errors:

    Respresso highlights changes with colors to avoid unintended modifications. Our automated conversion also lowers the chance of human error, whilst providing tools to developers to avoid typos during implementation.

  • Centralized:

    Managing localization texts, images, colors, etc in Respresso makes the latest state available for your team, thus avoiding the usage of outdated versions. It also prevents inconsistency between platforms.

  • Real context:

    Attached information - like comments, labels, translations, etc - helps create, edit and translate content in a meaningful way, thus increasing its quality.

  • Inspectable:

    Content is available in an organized, easy-to-understand format so it can be directly inspected and corrected without testing the software that uses it.

  • Control:

    Enforce proper brand logos, colors, and fonts. Assign only the necessary role to your team members to prevent errors and unauthorized or unintended modifications.

Project Fit

  • Applicability:

    Respresso can be used for existing or new software development projects. Currently, it supports Android, iOS, and Web projects out of the box, but it can be easily extended to be used with other technologies or platforms.

  • Easy to apply:

    Respresso is designed to be easy to learn and use. Technical integration can be done within minutes. We have video tutorials, broad documentation, and a blog with tips.

  • No commitment:

    Respresso supports and optimizes the software development process. The end product is completely independent of Respresso. Since it does not require changes in the source code, it requires no commitment, as it can be omitted at any time.

  • Predictable price:

    Our project-based pricing is predictable and transparent, thus it can be included in your project budget. Regardless of the number of users, it can be used by your entire team, without hidden costs.

  • Security:

    We apply high security standards to our development process of Respresso, including guidelines from OWASP TOP 10 and ISO 27001. We use industry best practices to process, store, encrypt, and transfer data. Respresso also provides multi-level access control for our users.

  • On-premise:

    In addition to our managed service, the system is also suitable for custom installation. We can provide a dedicated SaaS service or it can be installed in your own server park. This solution may be suitable for those who want to run the service behind their custom firewall, with physical access.


Respresso has been helping software development companies since 2017 to manage software resources cost-effectively. Our cloud service is currently used by more than 3,000 teams. Respresso's image converter is the most popular among android developers according to Google's Search Console.

We used Respresso in multiple projects of Compared to the prior estimation we saved 10-21% of the total project work time thanks to Respresso. Some examples:

  • Budapest Stock Exchange

    (BSE) mobile app: 15% of time saved.


    web app for official report and announcement publication for listed companies: 10%

  • NTCA

    (NAV) official TAX related information mobile app redesign: 21%

  • Diákhitel Direkt

    the Hungarian student loan administration mobile app: 14%

In addition to the above, we have successfully used it in a number of smaller projects. We also developed the Respresso web application and its website with the help of Respresso.

For more detailed information or for additional references please visit the website.