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Upload a vector image (svg, pdf, android vector drawable) to get scalable vector icons for Android, iOS and Web. Or upload a raster image (png, jpg, jpeg, webp) to get properly scaled, multiple density image variants for each platform. We support svg, pdf, android vector drawable, png, jpeg, webp, and scss output formats, optimized for each platform.

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Tired of manually converting images and updating localizations?

Let Respresso to completely handle localizations, images, app icons, fonts, and config files for you. You can upload in any format and get the platform-specific files synced directly to your sources code at build time. It will keep multiple platforms in sync. In addition it helps collaboration between developers, designers, translators, managers, contractors, and stakeholders.
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Try our localization converter

Simply upload your localization file and download the converted files for Android (strings.xml), iOS (.strings and typo-safe helper classes) and Web (Flat or structured json).