Install the Respresso CLI

Current version of the CLI is 2.0.0.

Install on Windows

Once you install the CLI, the respresso command will become available from all of your terminals. Make sure you restart your terminals or the machine once you finished the install to reload the changes from your PATH variable.

Please note that, currently, the Respresso CLI executable for Windows is not signed. You can verify the downloaded executable's hash to make sure it is matching the one released by Respresso. Instructions are listed below.

One liner in PowerShell (not Command Prompt)


Run as Administrator

To run the command, you need to use an elevated PowerShell (Run as Administrator) as C:\Program Files is a protected directory.
If you want to install it elsewhere, you can modify the command, so you might not need Administrator rights.
(The Respresso CLI won't gain any Administrator rights, just the installation needs it.)

This command does the followings:

  1. Creates a directory at C:\Program Files\respresso\bin
  2. Saves the CLI executable to C:\Program Files\respresso\bin\respresso.exe
  3. Adds the new directory to the current user's Path variable. This allows you to use the respresso command from anywhere in a command line.

Manual installation

Installing the CLI can be done similarly as the above command does it:

  1. Download the CLI exe:
  2. Place the CLI executable where you can add it to the PATH. If you have an existing folder added to the PATH you can use that, otherwise you can move it to C:\Program Files\respresso\bin\respresso.exe
  3. Make sure that the directory is added to the Path variable.

Verifying the downloaded executable's checksum

Currently, the Windows executable is not signed. This means, that the OS can't verify that the executable is released by Respresso. Until certified code signing is introduced for the Respresso CLI, you can check that the checksum is matching the official releases.

The current, 2.0.0 version must match the 453db309f9e4230049ca48c6ba690fdb15c908f15f11140ddd963bfc2c9cd640 SHA-256 checksum.

You can use the Windows built-in certUtil tool to compute the hash of the downloaded file:
certUtil -hashfile respresso.exe SHA256